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Concrete Driveway Repair

This is a picture of a concrete driveway repair service.

Installed correctly, a concrete driveway is durable and resilient. However, you’ll still see wear gradually over time, especially if the original installation wasn’t performed by an experienced contractor. 

In our experience, if a concrete driveway is deteriorating quickly, its frequently attributable to improperly compacted subgrade or incorrectly mixed concrete. While these aren’t problems you want to ignore, the good news is that we’re usually able to repair the problem without needing to tear the concrete up and start over. 

Concrete can be patched, resurfaced and refinished, and San Antonio Paving Pros are experts in concrete rejuvenation. 


Resurfacing Your Concrete Driveway

Resurfacing concrete immediately solves a few common concrete driveway problems. It halts the spread of cracks, it restores your driveway’s smooth, walkable surface and it prevents the harmful impact of weather or vehicle caused erosion. 

It goes without saying though that resurfacing isn’t as simple as pouring a new layer of concrete over the top of your existing paving. Without proper preparation and application, the problem will simply recur a few months down the line.

We’ll perform a complete treatment of your concrete driveway area, resurfacing it to get a good, reliable bond which will add years to the operational life of your driveway. 


Recoloring Faded or Discolored Concrete

Colored concrete may fade or become blotchy in time, especially if its exposed to a lot of sun, rain or chemicals. 

Provided your driveway has no additional damage to take care of, a recoloring is a relatively simple process, one which we can provide quickly and inexpensively. 


Structural Repairs - Potholes, Cracks and Crumbling

If bigger repairs are required, for example to fill in potholes, resolve cracks or to halt a process of crumbling, one of our concrete experts can come to your home or place of business to perform a full site assessment. 

You can rest assured we’ll identify the cause before applying any superficial fix. This assures you of a repair which lasts. 

If you want to maintain curb appeal, give us a call at San Antonio Paving Pros and let us take care of your concrete driveway repair needs. You are assured of always being able to get what you pay for. Residential and commercial inquiries are welcome. 

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